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We have written, in August and September, articles describing FAST ACQUISITION CORP II and its pending business combination with Falcon’s Beyond. Links to both articles are provided below.

Falcon’s Beyond yesterday released a public update describing the theme park that will open in Punta Cana (in the Dominican Republic) in early 2023. Just below we provide the release.

Falcon’s Beyond Announces Details of the Caribbean’s First World-Class Theme Park

Katmandu Park/Punta Cana

Oct. 12, 2022 10:45 AM ET

New theme park to feature immersive entertainment and innovative rides and attractions based on the popular characters of the company’s original Katmandu franchise

ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Falcon’s Beyond Global, LLC (“Falcon’s Beyond,” “Falcon’s,” or the “Company”), a leading fully integrated global entertainment development company specializing in intellectual property (IP) creation and expansion, announced today details of its forthcoming world-class theme park, Katmandu Park | Punta Cana. Expected to open early 2023 in the Dominican RepublicKatmandu Park, conceived and built by Falcon’s, will feature cutting-edge rides and attractions that immerse guests in the company’s original, proprietary franchise, The Hidden Realms of Katmandu.

Katmandu Park | Punta Cana will be brought to life through immersive storytelling experiences, including four marquee attractions and the use of several proprietary technologies. As part of one overarching, episodic Katmandu storyline, these major rides stand alone while living within the universe of the Katmandu franchise. Falcon’s Beyond carefully matched the attraction systems to the chapters in the Katmandu storyline in a way that best immerses guests in the unfolding adventure, while allowing them to enjoy each as an independent experience.

“Katmandu Park | Punta Cana will deliver an unprecedented theme park experience based on the popular characters of our very own Katmandu fantastical universe,” said Cecil D. Magpuri, CEO of Falcon’s Beyond. “Through innovative rides and attractions that deliver unmatched and immersive storytelling, guests will truly lose themselves in the Hidden Realms of Katmandu. Combined with other day and night entertainment, dining and shopping, Katmandu Park will offer an extraordinary experience for families and theme park lovers in the premier resort location of Punta Cana.”

Katmandu Park | Punta Cana’s signature attractions will include:

  • Voyage of the Fathom Wanderer: The park will feature its first-ever Suspended Theater attraction, where guests will join Kilgore Goode on an underwater mission to protect the Hidden Realm of Azurlan from a sea monster. For this attraction, guests enter and begin the experience in what appears to be a standard widescreen theater experience. But, unlike experiences that may exist in other parks around the world, there is a key element of surprise: guests are swiftly but elegantly lifted through the air and placed in front of another giant, compound curved screen, ushering them inside the story. Riders will soar through epic adventures, as this unparalleled attraction delivers the unique sensation of flight in a whole new way.
  • Challenge of the Mad Mage: The ON!X Theater attraction will reimagine the traditional 4D interactive theater with an impressive array of features seamlessly blended with advanced technology. Here, an Explorer Mage named Alvis challenges guests to a blaster duel through the Hidden Realms. A fully interactive real-time system gives every player the agency to direct the outcome of the action and even affect the narrative that unfolds before them on the massive, cinema-style screen, warranting repeatability to further discover new realms and interactions. A unique targeting system provides accurate and persistent positional tracking that not only detects where players aim, but where and how they move their blasters. Simultaneously, electric motion seats provide guests with multi-sensory feedback in the form of poking, tickling, vibration, wind, air blast, water mist, scent, localized speakers in headrests, and more.
  • Legend of the Desirata: A highly sophisticated attraction typically found only at the world’s biggest theme parks, the 4D Dark Ride attraction will be an immersive experience that tells the Katmandu origin story and empowers guests to feel the thrill of adventure through movement. Seamlessly blending scenic elements and media, erasing the lines between reality and imagination, guests follow inventor and explorer Kilgore Goode into the Himalayas in a dynamically moving vehicle to experience his journey into the Hidden Realms as he discovers the mysterious Desirata. The attraction features multiple integrated projection screens, delivering high-framerate and high-fidelity stereoscopic 3D media content, immersive audio, lighting effects, wind effects and stunning scenic elements throughout the guest journey. The action in the rider’s surroundings and on the screens is choreographed with the vehicle’s movement, making it feel as if the rider is truly immersed in the story alongside the characters.
  • EtherQuest: This interactive walk-through attraction will make its global debut at Katmandu Park | Punta Cana. The attraction combines proprietary technologies, elaborate scenic elements, immersive projection and an interactive gameplay journey to reimagine a traditional walk-through experience. Several of the rooms feature projection on all four walls to transport guests from the halls of “Jadu” (the house of Katmandu) into the Hidden Realms to defeat powerful Explorer Mages with various interactive props, find an invaluable EtherMetal ember and get back home. To give guests the chance to explore, play and influence their experience, this attraction uses an action-packed interactive walk-through system, where guests are really the main characters of their own adventure.

Additional attractions at Katmandu | Park Punta Cana will include Expedition Golf, a 36-hole mini golf course charting over mountains and inside caves, High Point Adventure, an outdoor ropes course experience, and The Quadagon, featuring four unique indoor climbing courses for both adults and kids. The centerpiece of the park’s plaza will be the Wheel of Infinite Wonder, a Katmandu-themed carousel with custom figures inspired by creatures and characters from the Hidden Realms. The park will offer several themed food and beverage venues, carnival-style games, retail shops and an arcade.

Each guest of Katmandu Park | Punta Cana will receive a smart wristband that carries their attraction passes, enables cashless payments and grants them their own unique and virtual identity with BeyondME™, a new free-to-use fan loyalty and online game platform for all ages. Through it, guests will be able to customize their own BeyondME persona, personalize their avatar, gain and spend experience points as virtual currency, called XP, and level up their status for additional benefits. In addition to the real-life experiences inside the park, BeyondME will connect to various digital experiences, such as mobile games, Roblox and online shopping, to further earn and redeem XP.

The theme park industry has long been dominated by traditional “mega park” experiences – attractions scattered across a massive footprint. With Katmandu Park, Falcon’s will offer a revolutionary alternative through a “Big Experience/Small Footprint” theme park concept, offering world-class experiences in a smaller landscape. Katmandu Parks will be connected to premier resort destinations, providing consumers a unique “resortainment” hospitality experience that seamlessly blends extraordinary entertainment experiences with premium resort amenities. The first of these new resorts, Falcon’s Resort by Meliá | All Suites Punta Cana, will debut in December 2022 and is located just steps away from the park.

Following Punta Cana, Falcon’s is expected to open Katmandu Parks in locations across the globe, including: Tenerife, Canary Islands, scheduled to open in 2024; Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, scheduled to open in 2025; and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with an opening date to be announced.

The Punta Cana park expands upon the original Katmandu Park that opened in Mallorca, Spain in 2012 to complement the beach holiday experience and has since introduced millions of guests to Katmandu’s whimsical universe. The Punta Cana location evolves the original concept with proprietary attraction technologies and immersive story concepts and is the latest step in Falcon’s mission to activate the Katmandu franchise across all forms of entertainment, including entertainment content, consumer products, and of course, themed location-based entertainment destinations.

The unveiling of Katmandu Park | Punta Cana follows other recent transformative news from Falcon’s Beyond. On July 12, Falcon’s Beyond announced plans to become a publicly listed company on Nasdaq through a definitive merger agreement with FAST Acquisition Corp. II (FZT) (“FAST II”) (NYSE: FZT), a special purpose acquisition company founded by Doug Jacob and headed by Sandy Beall. Upon the closing of the transaction, the new combined company will be named “Falcon’s Beyond Global, Inc.” and is expected to be listed on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “FBYD.” More information about the transaction can be found in the Investor Relations section of Falcon’s website.

About Falcon’s Beyond

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Falcon’s Beyond is a fully integrated, top-tier experiential entertainment development enterprise focusing on a 360° IP Expander model. The Company brings its own proprietary and partner IPs to global markets through owned and operated theme parks, resorts, attractions, patented technologies, feature films, episodic series, consumer products, licensing, and beyond. The Company has won numerous design awards and provided design services in 27 countries around the world, turning imagined worlds into reality.

Additional Information

This communication relates to the proposed business combination between FAST II and Falcon’s Beyond. This communication does not constitute an offer to sell or exchange, or the solicitation of an offer to buy or exchange, any securities, nor shall there be any sale of securities in any jurisdiction in which such offer, sale or exchange would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such jurisdiction. Falcon’s Beyond intends to file a Registration Statement on Form S-4 with the SEC, which will include a document that serves as a joint prospectus of Falcon’s Beyond and proxy statement of FAST II, referred to as a proxy statement/prospectus. A proxy statement/prospectus will be sent to all FAST II shareholders. No offering of securities shall be made except by means of a prospectus meeting the requirements of Section 10 of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or an exemption therefrom. FAST II and Falcon’s Beyond will also file other documents regarding the proposed business combination with the SEC. BEFORE MAKING ANY VOTING DECISION, INVESTORS AND SECURITY HOLDERS OF FAST II ARE URGED TO READ THE REGISTRATION STATEMENT, THE PROXY STATEMENT/PROSPECTUS AND ALL OTHER RELEVANT DOCUMENTS FILED OR THAT WILL BE FILED WITH THE SEC IN CONNECTION WITH THE PROPOSED BUSINESS COMBINATION AS THEY BECOME AVAILABLE BECAUSE THEY WILL CONTAIN IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE PROPOSED BUSINESS COMBINATION. Investors and security holders will be able to obtain free copies of the registration statement, the proxy statement/prospectus and all other relevant documents filed or that will be filed with the SEC by FAST II or Falcon’s Beyond through the website maintained by the SEC at www.sec.gov. The documents filed by FAST II with the SEC also may be obtained free of charge upon written request to 109 Old Branchville Road Ridgefield, CT 06877. The documents filed by Falcon’s Beyond with the SEC may also be obtained free of charge upon written request to 6996 Piazza Grande Avenue, Suite 301, Orlando, FL 32835.










Insider Buying and Stock Buybacks are good leading indicators of better times ahead. In these ongoing difficult times within the restaurant industry, with the stocks selling at historically inexpensive prices, one might expect both insiders and companies to be taking advantage. However:  through the end of August there has been no material insider buying within publicly held restaurant companies over the last six to twelve months.  From the standpoint of stock buybacks, on the other hand, Denny’s and Dine Brands have bought material amounts in this current year. Denny’s spent $37M in the last quarter (6% of the market cap), bringing the YTD total to $46M. The remaining authorization of $168M is about 30% of the current market cap. Dine Brands bought $63M worth in Q2 (about 5% of the market cap), after purchasing $41M in Q1. There is $74M still authorized. It is interesting that both Denny’s and Dine Brands are primarily franchising companies, with free cash flow available even as their franchised operators are fighting to control food and labor while searching for affordable new locations. The absence of buying programs where most stores are company operated may be telling us something about their confidence looking ahead.

Relative to Franchisor/Franchising relationships, we spent an educational several days last week at FAT Brands’ multi-branded convention in Las Vegas, with almost 2,000 attendees representing seventeen brands. Management of FAT Brands not only provided a first-class event, top management, administrative staff, and Directors as well, all “walked the talk” throughout, as gracious hosts and, most importantly, appreciative partners of their franchisees. One of the themes enumerated throughout by CEO, Andy Wiederhorn, and his team, is that the purpose of the conference was not to “congratulate ourselves” but to “make ourselves collectively better”. The overriding most important aspect of the event was that management of FAT Brands (and their entire organization) communicated effectively their primary dedication to the long-term success of each franchisee.  There was every indication, including a conversation we had with a supervisor that has been with Fatburger (and Andy Wiederhorn) for seventeen years, that the message provided to franchisees in Las Vegas represents deeply held principles. We’ve previously been critical of some franchisors being relatively unresponsive to franchisees’ problems, Dunkin’ Donuts spending over $1B to buy back stock while Starbucks was “eating the lunch” of their franchisees, and how Restaurant Brands hollowed out their field organization to cut G&A after buying Burger King. Based on everything we observed in Las Vegas, there is no such risk to franchisees at FAT Brands.

The SPAC market is generally moribund, as the shakeout which we predicted continues apace. Hundreds of billions of dollars were raised, as Sponsors of all stripes, including show business and athletic celebrities joined the dance. Today, however, hardly any new deals are being filed and 115 SPACs in registration are still hoping to raise about $19B. Amazingly enough, there are today 566 SPACs, with $148B “in trust”, actively seeking acquisitions with total buying power, including leverage, approaching a trillion dollars. The problem is that the shareholders of those 566 SPACs have to approve the proposed deal. With the stock market down so much, it is very tempting for investors to redeem and redeploy the funds into more well-established situations. The Business Combinations most likely to be approved will be those where the surviving company is profitable and growing. An example would be Getty Image Holdings (GETY), still trading at a 25% premium over the original $10.00 IPO unit price, which no doubt has something to do with GETY’s $74M of Adjusted EBITDA in Q2’22. Within the hospitality industry, the only completed deal over the last couple of years was BurgerFi(BFI) but disappointing results as a public company have produced a stock at $3.00 and change, down from a high in the teens. More to the current point, we have written about Doug Jacob’s and Sandy Beall’s FAST Acquisition II (FZT), their improvement of the typical SPAC structure, and their plans to merge with Falcon’s Beyond, a growing and profitable hospitality/entertainment company. Though historical financials have not yet been filed, current Falcon Beyond operations, according to the Investor Presentation, are cash flow positive (similar to GETY), and available for the development of brick & mortar assets. This feature, along with the banking relationships of joint venture partner, Melia’ Hotels, should allow for growth as planned, even without a broad vote of confidence from current FZT shareholders. The possibility of $150M annualized EBITDA in only about 2.5 years, combined with the potential to build billions of value attached to brick-and-mortar assets makes the current $1B starting point appear reasonable. Time will tell, of course, and we will comment further after historical financials are provided and as fundamentals develop.

Ignore History at your Peril. This publication and this column make a conscious effort to look beyond the headlines and the consensus, hoping to put current economic trends in a longer-term context. Nobody can call every twist and turn, especially in the very short run, but we’ve warned about more than ten years of suppressed interest rates encouraging investors in both equity and debt to reach for “return/yield” and misallocating capital in the process. We’ve discussed with trepidation stocks trading at sixty or seventy times sales, SPACs being pumped out like there is no tomorrow, and twenty thousand different cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin being just one, that amounted to almost $3T of new currency at the top ($1T today). Within the restaurant industry, we’ve warned investors about the ridiculous valuations at the start of trading of new issues including Sweetgreen (SG), Portillo’s (PTLO), Black Rifle Coffee (BRCC) and Dutch Bros (BROS). Sometimes, in the world of investing, it’s about the pitches you don’t swing at, rather than those you do.

Roger Lipton